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About AboutMyProperty™

What is AboutMyProperty™?

AboutMyProperty™ (www.aboutmyproperty.ca™) is a secure website that provides property owners with convenient access to property assessment information. Owners can access property assessment information, site information and recent sales information on their own property and similar properties in their neighbourhood - free of charge. In 2012, the website was relaunched with improved navigation and mapping capabilities.

What kind of information can I get on AboutMyProperty™?

Property owners are entitled to the following reports free of charge for each property they own:

  • One Property Profile Report providing detailed property assessment information for your property. For residential properties, this includes: assessment roll information, site information, recent sales information and structural information. You will be asked to review and verify the information MPAC has on file for your property.
  • 100 Property Detail Snapshots. The snapshot contains: the property address, year built, square feet, lot size, number of stories, current assessed value, and sales information, if applicable.
  • A Properties of Interest Report comparing your property with up to 24 others of your choosing. This report will help you compare assessment information for similar properties in your neighbourhood to determine whether your property's assessed value is accurate. The report includes address, roll number, current value assessment, sale and site information, as well as residential structural details (e.g. square footage).

Residential property owners may also view sales information for their neighbourhood, where available, through the Sales tab in the My Neighbourhood section. This feature is available for residential properties only.

Property owners can also contact MPAC for additional information.

Request for Reconsideration (RfR) Status Updates

New and now available on www.aboutmyproperty.ca™

If you have filed a Request for Reconsideration (RfR) for the 2013 tax year, you can check the status of your request by logging on to AboutMyProperty™. The following list of status descriptions will assist you in determining where your RfR is in the process.

Status on AMP Description
Received - Acknowledgement Letter Generated You will receive your acknowledgement letter within 3-4 weeks.
RfR Being Reviewed Your RfR is in the review process.
Click here for more information on how MPAC assesses properties
Awaiting Additional Information from Property Owner MPAC has requested further information in order to complete their review
RfR Review Completed – Outcome Package Finalized Review of your RfR is complete and an Outcome Package will be mailed within 3 to 4 weeks.
Minutes of Settlement Received Minutes of Settlement received
RfR Review Completed – Outcome Package Finalized – Contact MPAC Please contact MPAC for information regarding your Outcome Package - Contact Us
RfR Review Completed – Outcome Package Finalized RfR Case Closed
Closed – Contact MPAC Your RfR has been closed. For more information please contact MPAC

Who can use this service?

AboutMyProperty™ is intended for owners of any property in Ontario – both residential and non-residential. To use AboutMyProperty™, you will need access to the Internet. To ensure confidentiality, MPAC also requires that users register with their Roll number and Access Key.

Your registration information (Roll number and Access key) are located on the bottom right-hand corner of your 2012 Property Assessment Notice. If you own more than one property, each property will have its own unique Roll number and Access key.

If you need help registering for AboutMyProperty™, contact MPAC and one of our Customer Service Representatives will guide you through the process.

What if I don't have Internet access?

AboutMyProperty™ is only available over the Internet

If you do not have Internet access, you can still receive a Property Profile Report and information on up to 24 properties of interest by submitting a written request to MPAC. You may also request a copy of up to 15 sale properties selected by MPAC.

Please submit your written request by mail or fax to:

Municipal Property Assessment Corporation
PO Box 9808
Toronto ON M1S 5T9
or Fax: 1 866 297-6703

NOTE: Assessment rolls are available for public viewing at your local municipal office.

You also have the option of visiting one of MPAC’s offices located across the province and one of our customer service representatives would be happy to help. AboutMyProperty™ is also accessible through ServiceOntario Centres and at a number of municipal offices and public libraries.

Registering for AboutMyProperty™

How do I get started?

First time users will need to register on AboutMyProperty™:

  • Visit www.aboutmyproperty.ca™ (the link is also available from www.mpac.ca).
  • From the AboutMyProperty™ homepage, click on the Register Now link.
  • In the Register Now window:
    • Type in your Roll number
    • Type in your Access key
  • Once your Roll number and Access key are typed into the appropriate fields click “Enter.”
  • Follow the instructions on screen to create your profile.

If you need assistance registering for AboutMyProperty™, call MPAC for assistance.

Do I need a new Roll number and Access key every year?

You only need to register with AboutMyProperty™ once. The service will reset your number of reports you are eligible for on an annual basis.

When trying to login, my web browser is attempting to "Autocomplete" my login attempt (i.e., pre-populating the password field with the "Old" temporary password).

For Internet Explorer:

Launch Internet Explorer

Select Tools>Internet Options>Content

Under Personal Information, click on AutoComplete

To clear all existing saved user IDs and passwords, click on Clear Passwords, then click OK in the warning dialog box.


You may have websites for which you wish to save the user ID and password, but you do not want Internet Explorer to prompt you on any future sites. In this case, in the AutoComplete Settings box, leave "User names and passwords on forms" checked, but uncheck "Prompt me to save passwords".

The Passwords Saved list does not show the passwords themselves, just the website name and the username.

What if I sell my property or purchase another? Will I need to set up a new account?

Please advise MPAC of any changes in ownership information by contacting us. A customer service associate will note the changes and update your account information once we have received confirmation of new ownership from land transfer affidavits that are registered at local Land Registry Offices.

What if I own more than one property?

You will receive a Property Assessment Notice for each property you own. Each property has its own Roll Number and Access Key. These can be found on the bottom right-hand corner of your Property Assessment Notice. Once you have registered an account, you have the ability to add other properties you own by simply adding the roll number and access key to your already created account.

Using AboutMyProperty™

Why doesn't AboutMyProperty™ look or function properly on my computer?

This website is best viewed on Windows XP Service Pack 3/Windows 7, MacOS Family 10.5+ (including Mountain Lion), and Redhat/CentOS 6.x.

AboutMyProperty™ supports the following releases of browsers: Google Chrome 20+, Internet Explorer 7.0+, Mozilla Firefox 9.0+, Opera 11.0+, and Safari 5.0+.

You will also need the most recent versions of Adobe Acrobat (version 10.0.0) and Microsoft Silverlight (version 4.0.50401.0) to access files and mapping contained within AboutMyProperty™.

While MPAC does not restrict the use of other operating systems and web browsers, MPAC cannot guarantee that AboutMyProperty™ will look or function correctly while using them.

If you are experiencing a technical problem with AboutMyProperty™, please use the Windows Update to ensure that all critical and relevant updates have been applied to your system. If you are still experiencing problems after updating your system, please contact us to learn more about how you can receive the same information that is available through AboutMyProperty™. Please include your roll number in your letter or email or have it on hand when you phone us. Your roll number can be found on your Property Assessment Notice.

Why can’t I access AboutMyProperty™ from my mobile device/tablet?

At this time, AboutMyProperty™ is built to be viewed from a computer and not a mobile device/tablet.

Why am I getting a "Session Expired" error message?

Your connection to the site will expire after 45 minutes of inactivity. Try re-logging into AboutMyProperty™.

Can I submit a Request for Reconsideration through AboutMyProperty™?

Yes. The Request for Reconsideration form is available through AboutMyProperty™. You will have the opportunity to attach your Property of Interest Report to your request as well as attach any documents and pictures if you wish. . The link to filing a Request for Reconsideration is available from any page within the site.

You may also download the form from www.mpac.ca to complete and mail to:

Municipal Property Assessment Corporation
PO Box 9808
Toronto ON M1S 5T9
Click here to read more about filing a Request for Reconsideration with MPAC.

After I electronically submit my Request for Reconsideration, will I receive confirmation that it has been received by MPAC?

You will receive an email confirmation of receipt of your Request for Reconsideration if you have provided an email address when initially registering for an AboutMyProperty™ account.

AboutMyProperty™ Reports

I am not sure of the exact roll number or street address of the property I am looking for. How can I get this information?

Please email us using the "Contact Us" form or phone us for assistance using the Contact MPAC link found within the AboutMyProperty™ site.

How can I get additional information from MPAC about similar properties in my neighbourhood?

You can obtain detailed information about your property and up to 24 additional properties of your choice, free of charge, by logging in to aboutmyproperty.ca.

You may also obtain detailed information on up to six properties MPAC believes to be comparable to yours, free of charge, by submitting a request through our contact us form or sending a written request to:

MPAC, Attention: GRAD
P.O. Box 9808
Toronto ON M1S 5T9

Fax: 1 866 297-6703

In reviewing your assessed value, you should consider all relevant sales of similar properties in proximity to your property. You should also select sales that are close to the legislated valuation date. In circumstances where there are limited sales or similar properties, the time frame for selecting sales and geographic area for comparable properties may be expanded.

What if I want more Detailed Property Reports?

Additional detailed property reports can be purchased through MPAC and additional information on similar properties can also be requested. For more information, send an enquiry by mail or fax to:

Municipal Property Assessment Corporation
PO Box 9808
Toronto ON M1S 5T9
or Fax: 1 866 297-6703
or email

Why do none of the reports contain property owners' names?

MPAC complies with the requirements of the Assessment Act, the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and all other relevant legislation, regulations and judicial rulings. Except as required by law, MPAC does not release personal information, or any other data that would divulge the identity of an individual.

To read MPAC's Privacy Statement click here.

I can't find the data I want. Where can I get more information?

MPAC is continually striving to improve our products and services. If you are unable to find the information you require, please contact us.

The report I am getting does not have information in all of the fields. Why?

It is possible that, at the time of generating the report, the property may be new and has not been assessed yet. As a result, the report may be missing some or all information.

Please review the table of missing data carefully as it is more than likely that the missing information is not crucial (e.g., tenant tax liability). If you feel you are missing crucial information, please feel free to call our toll free enquiry line at 1 866 296-MPAC (6722) or 1 877 889-MPAC (6722) TTY and a customer service representative will be glad to assist you.

I know that the property has changed, but the report I am looking at does not reflect this. Why?

This value is not subject to change until the return of the Assessment Roll to the municipality. Once the Assessment Roll is returned to the municipality all property values within AMP will be updated to reflect these new values.

For more information regarding Assessment Updates please visit the Property Owner section

I have successfully selected the properties I am interested in but I do not see anything when I attempt to view the report. Why?

The use of pop-up blockers are becoming very popular and even the latest version of Internet Explorer has a built-in pop-up blocker. If your pop-up blocker is active, the report is likely being blocked and therefore not displayed to you.

When generating a report in AboutMyProperty™, you must either fully disable your pop-up blocker (please refer to your web browser’s documentation) or when viewing the report, you can hold down the control key (ctrl) or ALT key while clicking on the link.

There was a “No valid sales within the last five years” message in my Property Profile. What does this mean?

The sales used as part of MPAC’s valuation process have been validated. These means that we use only those sales that are determined to be the result of open, arms-length transactions that have taken place in the market between a willing seller and a willing buyer. This process excludes those sales that do not meet this criteria which include estate sales or others where factors, other than the market, have had an impact.

The message in your Property Profile indicates that MPAC has determined that no valid sales have taken place within the last five years. If you have any questions, please contact MPAC for more information. For more information, click here.

I've looked at 100 "Property Detail Snapshots" and/or created my "Properties of Interest" report for 24 properties. How do I look at more?

Please contact our Customer Contact Centre at 1 866 296-MPAC (6722) or 1 877 889-MPAC (6722) TTY. We will be happy to assist you.

How do I get my Properties of Interest List into my Request for Reconsideration?

AboutMyProperty™ will automatically save your Properties of Interest list to support your Request for Reconsideration submission. You may customize your report (remove or add properties) prior to submitting your Request for Reconsideration.

I previously requested property details on some similar properties. When I go back into my account it indicates that I still have 100 look-ups available? Why?

Each property owner is entitled to 100 property look-ups per year. All of the Property Detail Snapshot counters are reset for all accounts to coincide with the mail out of Property Assessment Notices each fall.

Can I submit a Request for Reconsideration for a different tax year or one based on receiving an Amended Property Assessment Notice?

You cannot file a Request for Reconsideration for other than the current tax year through AboutMyProperty™.

However, you would be able to file another Request for Reconsideration through AboutMyProperty™ if you received one of the following Notices from MPAC:

  • Amended Property Assessment Notice or,
  • Property Assessment Change Notice.

For more information, visit the section called Resolving Assessment Concerns.

There are currently Properties of Interest selected in my account. I would like to select different properties. How do I do this?

Please contact us at 1 866 296-6722 (MPAC) or 1 877 889-MPAC (6722) TTY. We will be happy to assist you.