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On December 31, 1998, the Government of Ontario transferred responsibility for property assessment from the Ministry of Finance to the Ontario Property Assessment Corporation, an independent body established by the Ontario Property Assessment Corporation Act, 1997.

Amendments to the Act in 2001 changed the composition of the Board of Directors and renamed the organization to the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC).

Every municipality in Ontario is a member of MPAC, a non-share capital, not-for-profit corporation whose main responsibility is to provide its customers - property owners, tenants, municipalities, and government and business stakeholders - with consistent and accurate property assessments.

MPAC is accountable to the public through a 15-member Board of Directors. Eight members of the Board are municipal representatives; five members represent property taxpayers; and two members represent provincial interests. The Minister of Finance appoints all members of the Board.

MPAC administers a uniform, province-wide property assessment system based on current value assessment in accordance with the provisions of the Assessment Act. It provides municipalities with a range of services, including the preparation of annual assessment rolls used by municipalities to calculate property taxes.

Municipal enumerations are also conducted by MPAC in order to prepare a Preliminary List of Electors for each municipality and school board during an election year. Today, MPAC is responsible for the assessment of nearly 5 million properties in the province.

MPAC has offices located across the province.

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