About MPAC

How to contact MPAC

For customer service please contact us at:

Toll Free number: 1 866 296-MPAC (6722)

Access for the Deaf, or Hard of Hearing is available by calling
1 877 TTY-MPAC or through the Bell Relay service.

You may also fax us at:  1 866 297-6703
or contact us by email at:  Contact Us


President's Office

Antoni Wisniowski
President and Chief Administrative Officer
email: Antoni.Wisniowski@mpac.ca

Executive Office

Lucy Foster
Executive Director, Board Governance
email: Lucy.Foster@mpac.ca

Governance and Strategy

Don Leblond
Vice-President and Chief Strategy Officer, Governance and Strategy
email: Don.Leblond@mpac.ca

Corporate Services, Information Technology
& Information Services

Nicole McNeill
Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer, Corporate Services
email: Nicole.McNeill@mpac.ca

Valuation and Customer Relations - Shared Services

Rose McLean
Vice-President, Valuation and Customer Relations
email: Rose.McLean@mpac.ca

Valuation and Customer Relations, Business Properties

Larry Hummel
Chief Assessor
email: Larry.Hummel@mpac.ca


Joan Young
Vice-President, Stakeholder Relations and Communications
email: Joan.Young@mpac.ca

Business Development Lee Taylor
Executive Director, Business Development
email: Lee.Taylor@mpac.ca

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