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Welcome to Municipal Connect™

Welcome to Municipal Connect™, an Internet-based solution that provides municipalities with real-time access to assessment information. This includes general property information, soil data, structure data, sales data, structure images and roll details. A Geographic Information Systems (GIS) module is available to all municipalities, upon request.

Connect News

The information and reports in Municipal Connect™ will not be refreshed during the month of April. During this period, we are making the final transition to our new Integrated Property System (IPS), which replaces the 21-year old mainframe technology, the Ontario Assessment System (OASYS).

IPS is more than just a replacement for OASYS - it is a platform to carry us forward into the future. One of the most substantial benefits of IPS is its capacity to grow and improve. These improvements will be incorporated in Municipal Connect™ over time and the enhancements will be evident to all Connect™ users.

Important changes and enhancements are coming soon to Municipal Connect™. Please stay tuned for more information coming later this month.

Municipal Connect™ Administrators Guide
Municipal Connect™ User Guide
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