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2014 Tenant Information Program (TIP)

New! Streamlined data submission process for 2014

One of the key factors in ensuring accurate property assessments is collecting up-to-date and accurate property information.

Each year, MPAC’s Tenant Information Program (TIP) collects property rental, income and expense information from over 65,000 multi-residential and commercial/industrial properties.

Based on feedback asking for a less complicated, more efficient process for submitting property information, MPAC has made some important changes to the 2014 Tenant Information Program.

New, streamlined forms now request less data overall and make it easier for property owners to submit their information on time, and helping to ensure accurate and consistent property assessments. Thank you for your patience as we continue to improve the rental data collection process.

This year, the new forms will be mailed to multi-residential and commercial/industrial property owners beginning the week of September 29, 2014, and property owners have until October 31, 2014 to submit their information to MPAC.

2014 Tenant Information Program options, forms and letters:
2014 TIP submission forms
2014 TIP request letters
TIP Frequently Asked Questions
Sample Forms

Recognized software providers

Filing your report electronically? Please submit your information using one of the following software providers. Please contact the providers directly for information on associated service fees and data transfer instructions.

Spectra Esolutions
Lynx Systems Inc
Argus Software

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I completed this form last year. Why do I need to do it again?

A: In order to provide an accurate assessment for your commercial/industrial property, MPAC is required to analyze the income and cost trends for your property over a four-year period. We ask for your assistance in collecting this information each year, since the costs and income for a property can change from year to year.

Q. I have received the 2014 Commercial Rental Data Request form along with the insert. The insert asks for information as of January 1, 2013, whereas the form asks for information since January 1, 2013. What information do you need?

A: MPAC requires the most up-to-date information, therefore we kindly ask for the required information since January 1, 2013.

Q: I have a multi-residential property. Why did I receive a Commercial Rental Data Request? I have never had to complete this form before.

A: Some multi-residential properties also have a commercial presence, such as a convenience store or dry cleaner. If there is no commercial use on the property, please indicate this on the commercial Rental Data form. Please ensure ALL forms are returned to us upon completion.

Q: Do I not have to include my tenant names this year?

A: We have made some improvements to the data collection process and for multi-residential properties, you are no longer required to list out your tenants. For commercial properties, we ask that you only include information for new and renewal leases.

Q: What do the following terms mean on the Industrial Rental Data Request form?

A: % of Unit Finished: Since many industrial properties may have unfinished units, this field is requesting the percentage of space in the unit that is finished.

Leased Area: The actual square footage of the unit that is being leased – usually the entire area of the unit is being leased by the tenant, unless there is some area in the unit that is being withheld and used by the owner.

TMI: This stands for Taxes, Maintenance, and Insurance, and represents the amount that each tenant is responsible for paying to cover any maintenance to common areas (such as lobby, washrooms, landscaping, etc.), and taxes/insurance.

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