Property Assessment Change Notice

Why am I receiving this Notice?

You are receiving a Property Assessment Change Notice for one of the following reasons:

  • There was a change to your property such as an addition, new construction or renovation.
  • A structure on your property was assessed for the first time.
  • There was a change to your property’s classification.
  • All or part of your property no longer qualifies as farmland, conservation land or managed forests.
  • All or part of your property no longer qualifies to be tax exempt.

When is the Property Assessment Change Notice issued?

Notices are mailed throughout the year.

What do I do with my Property Assessment Change Notice?

Your Property Assessment Change Notice has important information for you as a property owner. Please review it and file it away for your records. No action is required unless you have questions about your assessment.

Questions about your assessment

Visit to learn more about how your property was assessed, see the information we have on file, and compare it to others in your neighbourhood. Look for your Roll Number and Access Key on your Property Assessment Notice to register.

If you still disagree with MPAC’s assessment or classification of your property, you can choose to either file an RfR with MPAC or file an appeal directly with the Assessment Review Board (ARB).

If your property, or a portion of it, is classified as residential, farm or managed forest, you must first file a Request for Reconsideration (RfR) with MPAC – and MPAC must make a decision before you are eligible to appeal to the ARB.

Property owners will have 120 days from the Issue Date on their PACN to file a RfR. The Issue Date and your unique RfR deadline are included on your PACN. MPAC will send you a letter with the results of our review within 180 days of when we get your request.

The fastest way to start the review of your property’s assessment is to file a RfR on This web-based tool allows you to attach pictures and reports to accompany your RfR and check the status of your request. You may also send us your completed RfR form by email or mail.

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Sample Property Assessment Change Notice

Note: The applicable law prevails to the extent there is any conflict between this information and the current law. This information is not intended to provide legal advice and should not be relied upon as such.