2013 Ontario Budget: Strengthening Ontario’s Property Tax System

Pickering, May 3, 2013 -MPAC welcomes the opportunity to work with the Province, municipalities and taxpayer representatives to further strengthen property assessment processes in Ontario.

In the 2013 Budget, the Province has specifically identified reviewing the timelines for the assessment appeal process as well as clarifying and refining the assessment methodologies applied to special purpose business properties such as mills, industrial lands, landfills and billboards.

We understand the concerns raised by municipalities and taxpayer representatives and look forward to working with them to implement recommendations to strengthen the property tax system.

A key focus of MPAC’s four-year strategic plan (2013-2016) is to transform its relationships with stakeholders into partnerships and we are committed to working with all our stakeholders throughout this process.

Antoni Wisniowski
President & Chief Administrative Officer, MPAC

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Manager, Public Affairs
(905) 837-6152

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