Frequently Asked Questions & Answers Municipal Connect™

Who can use Municipal Connect™?

Any municipality or taxing authority school board in the province of Ontario can subscribe to Municipal Connect™ by signing the Licence to Use Property Assessment Information - Municipal Connect™ Agreement. 

What is the cost to municipalities?

There is no extra cost to municipalities - access to Municipal Connect™ is provided as part of their regular business with MPAC. 

I already receive assessment information from MPAC by mail. Why should I start using Municipal Connect™?

MPAC transfers a lot of information by paper and CD-ROM to customers. These formats can be easily misplaced or destroyed. By establishing this electronic partnership, MPAC and municipalities will be able to exchange information more quickly and easily. In addition to the most up-to-date information, Municipal Connect™ offers a number of web-enabled reports (i.e. control totals, supplementaries/omits, and population reports) allowing municipalities to access and generate reports when needed. MPAC is also in the process of building a database of digital photos of property structures. 

Will I continue to receive assessment information from MPAC by mail?

Yes. MPAC will continue to send municipalities assessment information on CD-ROM. 

What are the technology requirements?

In order to use Municipal Connect™, you need a Pentium computer with at least a 56K modem. Since the program is accessed through MPAC's web site (, you will also require Internet access. 

How does Municipal Connect™ work?

Each municipality that signs up is provided with an administration account used to create users, modify user access and reset passwords. Once logged on, you have three search options: Quick Search, Basic Search and Advanced Query Builder. After you have located the property in question, you can access details such as owner name, location, legal descriptions, frontage, depth, roll value, school support, and more. 

How do I get connected?

Contact your Account Manager or Municipal Relations Representative at your local MPAC office to find out about training and implementation. If you need more information, you can also contact us toll free at 1-866-296-6722.

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