Property Income and Expense Return


The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation’s (MPAC) role is to accurately assess and classify all properties in Ontario in accordance with the Assessment Act and regulations established by the Ontario Government.

MPAC applies appraisal industry standards and best practices when valuing property. For commercial, industrial and multi-residential properties, MPAC uses the income approach to value. In this approach, value is indicated by a property’s revenue-earning power. This method requires a detailed analysis of both income and expenditure for the property being valued and other similar properties that may have been sold.

To assist in establishing and maintaining current and accurate property values, MPAC collects property rental, income and expense information from more than 65,000 commercial, industrial and multi-residential properties each year.

Important Changes

MPAC has made important changes to how it collects information for commercial, industrial and multi-residential properties. Our paper-based Tenant Information Program has been replaced by a new online tool called the Property Income and Expense Return, available through

As a result, MPAC is no longer mailing forms with its information request letters to owners of commercial, industrial and multi-residential properties.

There are no changes to the information submission process for the following property types in 2017:

Information on this page may not be fully accessible. Please contact us at 1 866 296-6722 or TTY 1 877 889-6722 to determine how we can best accommodate you.

  • Golf Courses
  • Hotel/Motel
  • Large Resort
  • Long-term Care Facility
  • Mobile Home Park and Land Lease Properties
  • Retirement Homes

Need help with your submission?

To assist you with your submission, we have included the following on the Resources page:

  • A User Guide with instructions on how to submit your information through
  • A copy of the request letter(s) that you received.
  • Terms and definitions.

We have also included a Frequently Asked Questions page to provide answers to some of the most common questions about the Property Income and Expense Return and a page with instructions on how to submit your return.

For additional assistance, please use one of the options listed on our How to Contact Us page.

Suggestions? We want to hear them!

MPAC is committed to working with property taxpayers to ensure property values are based on up-to-date and accurate information and that the information request process is as easy and efficient as possible.

We are continually looking for opportunities to improve how we collect this information. If you have suggestions, please email us at

Note: The applicable law prevails to the extent there is any conflict between this information and the current law. This information is not intended to provide legal advice and should not be relied upon as such.