Quality of Construction

Quality of Construction refers to the materials, architecture, and the quality of workmanship used in a building.

MPAC divides all components of construction into several sub-classifications based on quality and workmanship. The quality class is based on building standards at the time of construction. While building codes have changed over the years, in areas such as exterior framing and insulation, you can generally differentiate between substandard, standard (average), superior, and custom-built homes.

Quality Classes

The classification system in Ontario includes a total of 17 full and half quality classes.

This grading system runs from Class 1, which is a very inexpensive structure to a Class 10, which is a structure built with the highest degree of quality. Class 6 represents the common standard of construction for the time that it was built. It is considered the benchmark class.

Half classes are used from Class 3.5 to Class 9.5. These are used when the primary or main structures meet the specifications of one quality class and only some of the specifications of a higher-quality class or classes.

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