Renovation Code And Year

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Renovation Code

The Renovation Code indicates the degree and type of renovation. A renovation is the process of restoring or improving a structure.

There are four types of renovations.

Type A - Exterior Renovations
Considered as minimal exterior modernization. May consist of some of the following components: new exterior doors, new windows, repainting or refinishing exterior cladding.

Type B - Interior Modernization
Considered as moderate in nature. Involves modernization of interior components of a home, such as: bathrooms, kitchen, heating system, floor coverings.

Type C - Mid-range Renovation
Considered as moderate but to a higher degree than Type A or Type B renovation. Combines both Type A and Type B renovations. May include modernization of both kitchen and bathroom, wiring, and exterior components.

Type D - Full Renovation
Considered as extensive. Involves major interior and exterior structural modernization. Associated with removal of all or most of existing interior finish (gutting) and replacing it with new finish and materials.

Renovation Year

The Renovation Year is the year that the renovation took place.

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