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Purchase Valuation, Site, Structural, and Sales information on all property types across Ontario.

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Research with Multi-Property Search

Multi-property search (MPS) is an enhanced search function that allows propertyline™ users to specify a range of location addresses and/or property attributes to produce reports.

Available for appraisers and property tax agents, by subscription only.

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Access our Automated Valuation Model tool

The Automated Valuation Model (AVM) is an accurate real-time estimate of market value with coverage of nearly 10 million properties across Canada.

MPAC’s AVM values are continually updated using advanced statistical techniques combined with sound appraisal methodology. MPAC AVMs are trusted by a wide variety of users, including individuals, real estate and financial services professionals, as well as many other sectors and organizations.

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Heidi Meades, Sales Account Executive
Direct: 647 493-7660 | Toll Free: 877 671-6722, ext. 305

Access customized information for REALTORS®.

propertyline™ assists the Real Estate Professional’s goal of providing knowledge and value to their clients. Our current updated property information saves research time and facilitates the Real Estate Professional’s ability to prepare, provide information, service and focus on the client.

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Marc Laurin, Sales Account Executive
Direct: 647 503-1878 | Toll Free: 877 671-6722, ext. 309

Max Ma, Client Experience Specialist
1 877 671-6722, ext. 303

See industry-specific information

Click on your sector link to see how can help you in your business. Access related materials such sample reports, as well as training and event information.

Access customized bulk data

We understand that our clients may have unique business requirements that may extend beyond our listed services on propertyline™.

MPAC has one of the most detailed databases in the world. Our custom products are used in many industries including; provincial and federal agencies, utilities, and planning consultants, telecommunications, as well as multiple other private and public sector organizations.

Our skilled sales team specializes in working with clients to create custom products and services. With detailed information on all property types, put our database to work for you.

For more information please contact:

Brent Hammond, Sales Account Executive
Direct 647 490-6691 | Toll Free: 877 671-6722, ext. 307

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