On-Site Variables

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Catch Basin

Sewer's grate and drain located on the property. Land surrounding catch basin is often graded to allow for water flow.


Properties on the corner, or intersection, of two roads.

Cul-de-Sac, Court or Dead End

Properties located at end of road or curve of court. Does not include properties leading up to cul-de-sac, court or dead end.

Easement on Property

Easement runs across property. Easement has highly restrictive effect on development or use of site.

Gravel Road

Properties located on gravel road.

Predominant View - Lake

Property not directly located on water but has clear view of lake.

Predominant View - Obstructed

Waterfront property where view of lake mostly or totally obstructed by point of land, island or similar natural or manmade object.

Predominant View - Panoramic

Property located with elevation that allows for optimal scenic view.

Problem Access

Property has some form of restricted access for reasons other than those previously defined under access variables.

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