Primary Structures

The primary structure refers to the principle structure on a property, normally the residence. A primary structure code is used to identify the type and style of a structure situated on a property.

The following is a list of primary structures identified by MPAC found on residential properties:

Primary Structure Codes

Structure Code Structure Code Description
301 Single family detached
302 Single family semi-detached
303 Single family row / townhouse
304 Link home (Linked below grade)
305 Link home (Linked above grade)
310 Mobile home
322 Duplex – Two self-contained units
323 Triplex - three self-contained units 
324 Fourplex - four self-contained units
325 Fiveplex - five self-contained units
326 Sixplex - six self-contained units
350 Condominium single family detached
351 Condominium single family semi-detached
352 Condominium apartment, in a walk-up
353 Condominium apartment, in a medium / high-rise
354 Condominium row / townhouse
355 Condominium stacked townhouse
399 Unspecified residential structure

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