Become an MPAC supplier

MPAC regularly works with suppliers to achieve innovative solutions. MPAC’s procurement needs can range from sourcing simple supplies, to building complex systems.

MPAC sources suppliers through a process that is fair, open, transparent, geographically neutral and accessible to qualified suppliers. MPAC treats all suppliers equally and fairly to encourage competition and obtain the best value.

MPAC’s procurement process is electronic. Open competitions are posted on bids&tenders™ and successful supplier information and documents are collected through Zip.

MPAC is a fair, transparent and desired client:  

  • We stand for being accountable, transparent and customer-centric 
  • We are tackling important problems with our innovative technologies and solutions 
  • We are committed to cultivating an environment where employees and suppliers can bring their full, unique and authentic selves to the table, and are inspired to do their best work 
  • MPAC’s data and assessments provide a vital resource for governments, businesses and property owners 
  • The impartial assessments are developed using data from Ontario property markets, including sales transactions, rental information, construction costs and a comprehensive database of property characteristics for every property in the province 

MPAC uses an online bidding service called bids&tenders™ that makes it easy for suppliers to:  

  • Register a free account and receive email notifications about new open competition opportunities 
  • Review active open competitions 
  • Preview and download open competition documents  
  • Submit proposals for goods and services online 

Open competition opportunity review, document preview and award notices are available on bids&tenders™ free of charge.

For instructions on how to create an account or submit a proposal, and other helpful videos, guides and frequently asked questions, refer to the bids&tenders™ Supplier Support Portal

MPAC uses Zip to gather the necessary information to manage the procurement process, approvals and onboard suppliers. Successful suppliers will receive an email from Zip ( to upload the necessary information and documents. 

Where do I find MPAC’s open competition opportunities, documents and information?  

MPAC uses an online platform called bids&tenders™ that makes it easy for suppliers to register, review and download documents, and submit proposals. While it’s free to register on the platform, suppliers must pay a nominal fee to submit a proposal to MPAC. 

MPAC considers the need for open competitions when a new business need arises or when an existing contract is nearing expiry. 

How can I promote my business to MPAC? 

Suppliers who wish to share promotional material with MPAC can do so by emailing the Manager, Strategic Sourcing and Contract Management at Please note that promotional material may be reviewed when an active contract is set to expire  

On occasion, events are held in which suppliers can promote unsolicited services/goods through MPAC’s network of professional associations. 

MPAC encourages suppliers to register for a free bids&tenders™ account to be alerted of open competition opportunities. 

What is MPAC’s Procurement Policy? 

MPAC’s Procurement Policy

  • Ensures that goods and services, including construction, consulting services and information technology, are acquired through a process that is open, fair and transparent 
  • Outlines responsibilities of MPAC business units at each stage of the procurement process 
  • Ensures that procurement processes are managed consistently  

Who do I contact if I have a question or request regarding an open competition? 

During an open competitive process, all questions, requests and other communications must be submitted through bids&tenders™ as detailed on the competition documents and within the deadlines identified in competition document. 

For assistance with bids&tenders™, reach out to bids&tenders™ directly by email ( or phone (1-800-594-4798).  

Can I contact anyone else at MPAC about an open competition during the competitive process? 

Suppliers may contact MPAC to ask questions about an open competition only through bids&tenders™ and only in the time periods listed in the competition document.  

Can I submit a response through other means besides bids&tenders™? 

Competition responses are only accepted through bids&tenders™. Responses submitted through other means do not qualify.  

How are proposals evaluated? 

Proposals will be evaluated based on the evaluation criteria set out in the open competition data sheet. MPAC may, at its sole discretion, conduct interviews or site visits, or host demonstrations or presentations, if these criteria are set out in the open competition data sheet. 

What happens after evaluation? 

MPAC may invite one or more respondents to negotiate a Final Agreement. MPAC has no obligation to award any respondent after Proposal Evaluation. 

Can I get a debrief? 

Unless otherwise specified in the open competition data sheet, suppliers may request a debriefing. All supplier requests should be in writing to the MPAC contact person identified on the open competition data sheet, no later than 60 days after receipt of the notification. 

How does my organization onboard after coming to an agreement with MPAC? 

MPAC uses an online portal called Zip to manage its business services/goods acquisition requirement process. Zip’s portal makes it easy for suppliers to track the documents for their active contracts. It also facilitates a seamless onboarding process for new suppliers. During onboarding, suppliers can also use the Zip platform during onboarding as a single point of contact to communicate with MPAC and provide their contact, payment details, security, insurance, and other required information.  

Successful suppliers will receive an email from Zip ( to upload the necessary information and documents.  

We’d like to hear from suppliers. Please take 5-10 minutes to complete a survey and let us know about your experience with our procurement process.

For more information about MPAC’s procurement procedures, policies, methodologies and tools, contact:  

Carly Chevalier
Manager, Strategic Sourcing and Contract Management