Working with Industry Partners

Working with business owners and business sectors to share information and consult on assessment practices is an important aspect of our work. In addition, information provided by property owners and industry partners contributes to accurate property assessments. 

Our assessment professionals consult and collaborate with associations and other jurisdictions as well. Through these relationships, we share best practices in assessment and gather insights and information to support the accuracy of our property assessments. 

Industry Advisory Group

MPAC’s Industry Advisory Group (IAG), comprised of property owners, industry association representatives, tax agents/lawyers and assessment bar professionals, facilitates collaborative discussion on current and emerging property assessment industry topics of common interest.

The IAG includes sector-specific subcommittees, through which MPAC is hearing directly from stakeholders about how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting certain property sectors. Two-way dialogue through these subcommittees also supports our understanding of property owner perspectives, other issues that affect them and fosters collaborative relationships to support accurate property assessments. To learn more about the IAG or industry subcommittees please contact

Industry Update

Through our quarterly e-newsletter, Industry Update, we share information on key initiatives, operational changes, upcoming events, and insights on how Ontario’s property landscape is changing. You can read past issues online.

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