Commercial Property Assessments

Reading your commercial Property Assessment Notice

As a property owner in Ontario, you'll receive a Property Assessment Notice for your property every four years. Learn how to read your Property Assessment Notice.

How your commercial property is assessed

If a property meets one or more of the following criteria, we assess it as a commercial property:

  • Is used for retail, food service, office or other general commercial uses.
  • Is a multi-purpose building that typically includes interior finishes, such as finished walls, flooring and lighting.
  • Does not have a unique layout or specialized materials that would limit its use or functionality.
  • Can usually be converted to another use without extensive alterations.

Factors affecting your commercial property value

Which factors we consider when assessing your commercial property value depends on whether we use the cost approach, the direct comparison approach, or the income approach.

For more information, learn about the factors that impact the assessed value of your commercial property.

More details on how your commercial property is assessed

The property assessment process can get complicated. We've provided more details on how commercial properties are assessed in the Methodology Guide for Commercial Properties, and on our page, How we assess commercial properties.

Filing your Property Income and Expense Return

By filing your Property Income and Expense Return, you help us ensure that your property values are based on up-to-date and accurate information. 

Learn more about filing your Property Income and Expense Return.