Special Structures on Properties

As a property owner, you may want to use part of your land or structures in ways that are different from the original intent. There may also be structures near your property that you feel could influence your property's value. Below are details on three common situations, and more information about the way we assess them.

As a property owner, you may have installed third-party billboards or signs on your property that advertise products and services not sold at your property. Find out how these may affect your property value.

You may have installed, or want to install, rooftop or ground-level panels that use solar cells to generate electricity from sunlight. Find out how solar panels may affect your property value.

For each four-year cycle of assessments, we survey the assessed values of properties within five kilometres of industrial wind turbines to determine if the properties have been fairly and accurately valued. Independent third-party reviewers then check our data and conclusions. Learn about the results of our surveys.

Buildings used exclusively for the purposes of storing private aircraft and the land on which those buildings are located are to be included in the residential property class. However, by default, the building is included in the commercial property class. For the building to qualify for inclusion in the residential class, owners must apply each taxation year. Learn more.

A grain elevator on farmland is a facility where farmers dry and store their own grain. The facility also receives, stores, cleans, treats or transfers feed for livestock or grain producers. This grain is part of the country’s grain distribution system. Learn more.