Billboards on properties

As a property owner, you may have posted third-party billboards or signs on your property that advertise products and services not sold at your property. These may impact the assessed value of your property.


Billboards and signs may be:

  • freestanding
  • mounted to buildings
  • attached to other structures


  • have at least one display panel
  • have supporting framework
  • conform to engineering standards
  • have steel or wood construction

Valuation and classification

Regulations in Ontario for third-party signs include the following:

  • Any rent/income related to the sign or its placement on your land is not part of your property's valuation.
  • Signs with a total display area under 25 square feet are not assessed.
  • We will base the value of a third-party sign on its replacement cost new, and apply a deduction of 50% to account for all forms of depreciation.
  • Third-party signs are designated as commercial property.
  • While the third-party sign is included in the commercial property class, the valuation and classification of your land and other buildings or structures on the property will not be affected by the presence of the sign and will be valued and classified based on its use.
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