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The Population of Electoral Groups (PEG) Report is available February 15th via the Sightline Portal. The information included in the PEG Report is used by School Boards to complete their “Trustee Determination and Distribution Report” which is to be submitted to the Ministry of Education by April 3 of this election year.

New Ward and Poll Thematic Mapping Feature and other enhancements now available in People Portal. Additional information regarding these recent enhancements is posted to the Learning Library, People Portal Release 1.7 link.

Business Property Market Valuation Reports are currently unavailable. MPAC is committed to expediently resolving this issue. Please contact your local M&SR team if you require this report.

As of February 2, 2018, all products extracted through the Sightline Portal have their own unique passwords.

Estimated Weighted Assessments are based on 2016 Tax Ratios extracted from the Financial Information Records on the Ministry of Municipal Affairs’ website, extracted on November 3rd, 2017.

The People Portal is currently refreshed on a by-weekly basis. The date of the most current refresh is provided on the top right hand corner of every display screen within the People Portal.

All portals in Municipal Connect 2.0 currently work best in Internet Explorer 11, Chrome, and Firefox internet browsers.