New School Support Online Portal Launches

After extensive consultation with school boards and association stakeholders, MPAC launched a new online portal to make it easier for property owners and tenants to make changes to their school support preferences.

MPAC developed and launched the online portal following the legislative change to Section 16(3) of the Assessment Act, which allows MPAC to collect school support information electronically.

In preparing to launch this new online application, MPAC has:

  • Reviewed the existing process for school support data collection.
  • Engaged school boards and school board associations to gain feedback.
  • Developed an online platform for collecting or updating school support designation information.
  • Replaced the school lease requirement with an attestation of consent from all individuals residing on a property.

The portal will enable property owners to add or update their school support designation information through AboutMyProperty. Tenants registered with MPAC will follow a different path in the portal, similar to VoterLookUp, to add or update their school support designation information. Upon completion of a change, the portal user will receive an email confirmation.

Although we are modernizing this process, we will still accept the paper Application for Direction of School Support (ADSS) form. Both the ADSS form and the new portal will be accessible through the Changing Your School Support webpage under Making Changes and Updates on

For more information, check out our user guide to learn more about how the portal works.

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