Tax Incentive Approval process changes for improved roll stability

We’ve implemented some process changes to the Tax Incentive Approval (TIA) process that will increase roll stability, provide greater accuracy in growth projections, and significantly reduce the administrative processing of changes. 

TIA notices are sent out when a property qualifies for an incentive program, like the Farm Tax Incentive program or the Managed Forest incentive program, which would reduce its tax liability.

What led us to this change? Stakeholders across Ontario have remarked that TIAs bring uncertainty and confusion to property values and financial planning. We’re helping to resolve this issue by enhancing our administrative processing and aligning our goals with other partner agencies.

What does this mean for municipalities? Only property approvals for the 2023 Assessment Roll for 2024 taxation have been processed. We paused on including removals until the revised inventory was received after roll return. We will process removals with the appropriate tax class updates through the supplementary assessments that will be issued in May 2024.

We’re pleased with how efficient this process has become and want to thank everyone for their feedback. This is another example of a great collaboration in finding operational improvements to help streamline our efforts. 

Have questions about changes to the TIA process? Reach out to us!